Five Forward-Thinking Architects

Architecture is an ever-varying art that constantly has need of creative minds to keep it moving forward. Here are five architects who are doing their part to keep their field at the height of innovation.

Michael Reynolds

Mike Reynolds is most well-known for the creation of “earthships,” or houses that are made from different recycled materials. In his homes it is not unusual to find tires, aluminum cans, and other items. His work is still largely trial and error, leading many people to be unsatisfied with the results, but it is undeniable that his creativity has led to astounding results. He has even designed homes in which a family can sustain themselves completely without paying for utilities and without shopping very often for groceries.

Ma Yansong

Ma Yansong is an architect from China who has been extremely influential in modern architecture. His passion as an architect is to restore the balance of city life and nature. As a result he created the “Shanshui City” philosophy. His vision is to create cityscapes that are reminiscent of natural landscapes, with the shapes of mountains, lakes, forests, and hills woven into the architecture. His ideas have had a hard time taking root in the fast-paced industrial world, but ground has been broken on a project called “Chaoyang Plaza” in Bejing which promises to go a long way in fulfilling some of Yansong’s goals.

Jeanne Gang

Jeanne Gang’s concern for the community and willingness to stretch her talents to many different areas of architecture have made her a forward-thinking architect. She has designed everything from skyscrapers to parks, and has spent a good deal of time on urban planning. What sets her work apart is a creative use of materials which her ingenuity and skill lead her to utilize. Among her works is the Aqua Tower, which is the third highest building designed by a woman architect. This building is an undeniable example of the mixture of functionality and beauty that goes into all of her work.

Bjarke Ingels

Bjarke Ingels is described as many as being right on the edge of current innovation in architecture. His buildings are incredibly unique as they seek to be pieces of art. Many of the structures he designs are reminiscent of objects in nature. He uses plants as part of his designs, and has even built his structures into the sides of grassy hills. In addition to this, he is right at the head of the movement to make large buildings environmentally friendly. He is well known for creating a resort that has zero-emission, which makes it one of the largest zero-emission projects to date.

Ken Yeang

Ken Yeang is an architect from Malaysia who is also an ecologist. His claim to fame is the bioclimatic building. His designs focus on adjusting to the climate, time of day, and season to create buildings that are highly energy efficient. He uses anything from the slope of the roofs to swimming pools, all the while accounting for the structures placement, to eliminate the need for excessive utilities. Be sure to check out for all of your 3d Rendering needs!