Marketing: 3 Basic Ideas

Marketing is about promoting and selling a product or service in much more ways than just advertising. The basic marketing begins with a message and creates an intentional image through branding. And yes, successful marketing focuses on a targeted customer need.

Here we’ll talk about 3 basic ideas of marketing. They are message, branding, and positioning.

Okay. Let’s start.


Start with a message. That’s right. Marketing is about communication. And what communication begins with? Yes. A message. Your marketing focus needs to have a message that you want to deliver to your customers. And yes. Doesn’t matter if it’s a product or service.

The message will color everything in your business. Especially, the relationship between you and your customers. The question is how the message needs to be?

The message needs to

  • Grab attention
  • Clear
  • Easy to understand
  • Have a unique selling point

Need an insight? Don’t worry. You don’t have to do it yourself. For instance, you can conduct market surveys, host focus groups and research your competition. Polling your customers is also a good idea.


What is branding? Branding is ownership of image, color, icon, sound or emotion. It delivers a promise to customers. The purpose?  To elevate your offering above the market. Indeed. It’s intended to create customer desire and loyalty and has longevity.

Branding is about creating a unique impression of your product or service and company in the customers’ mind. It’s a basic marketing concept. Yet, it isn’t always easy to achieve.

How is branding created?

It is created through emphasis on the most desirable traits of your market offering, strong image, and repetition over time and added value.

A company’s website, logo, motto, and stationary, all presenting the same messages, images, and colors. It creates recognition. And familiarity.


What is positioning?

It’s a marketing concept that defines how the product is placed and communicated in the market. Positioning identifies a market niche through competition, pricing, and packaging.

For instance, a high-end automobile is not marketed to young families. Instead, it is “positioned” by advertising to professionals with income to afford it. It is identified as a status symbol in the company of other high-end automobiles.

Positioning is refining the focus of the marketing, by clearly stating

  • Who is the target customer
  • What is the customer needs
  • What the product is
  • Key benefits provided to the target customer
  • What makes it different from other products

Marketing today

Remember the day when a company reached their audience through TV commercials and Sunday newspaper? That day is long gone. Nowadays, customers can be reached almost 24/7 a week. A lot of companies are using links from blog networks It can be done through various ways. For instance, through notebooks, smartphones, and tablets. Marketers reach out to the customers in real time.


Through methods such as

  • text message
  • email
  • blog marketing
  • social networking
  • online marketing.

Do these tools help? Absolutely.

They help businesses to develop their marketing concepts in more relevant ways than ever. They also help businesses to connect more with their customers.

What is Search Engine Optimization or SEO?


What is Search Engine Optimization or SEO?

It is a marketing discipline that is focused on growing visibility in organic search engine results. It encompasses both the creative and technical elements required to improve rankings, drive traffic as well as increasing awareness in search engines. Sometimes, it’s simply a matter of making sure that your site is can be understood by search engines.

SEO isn’t only about creating websites that are search engine-friendly. SEO is also about making your site better for people too.

Why does your website need SEO?

The majority of web traffic driven by the major commercial search engines (for example, Google, Yahoo! and Bing). While social medias and other types of traffic may generate visits to your website, search engines are the primary method of navigation for most Internet users. It’s true, regardless of your site provides information, content, products, services etc.

Search engines are unique in that they provide targeted traffic. That is, people looking for what you offer. They are the roadways that make this happen. When search engines can’t find your site or maybe unable to add your content to their databases, you miss out on great opportunities to drive traffic to your site. That’s why your website needs SEO.

Search queries, the rods that users type into the search box, that is, carry extraordinary value. Experience has shown that search engine traffic may make or break a business’ success. Traffic that is targeted to a website can provide exposure, publicity and revenue like no other marketing channel. Therefore, investing in SEO can have an exceptional rate of return as compared to other types of promotion and marketing.

Why can’t the search engines figure out my site without SEO?

Indeed. You may have this question in mind. We’ll answer it.

Search engines are smart. Yet, they still need help. The major engines are improving their technology to crawl the web more deeply and bring better results to users. Unfortunately, there is a limit to how search engines can operate. The right SEO can bring you a lot of visitors as well as increased attention. On the other hand, the wrong moves can bury your site deep in the search results. Yes, where the visibility is minimal.

What else does it do? Other than making content available to search engines, SEO also boosts rankings. Yes, with it, the content will be placed where users will more readily find it. The Internet is becoming increasingly competitive. Businesses who perform SEO will have an advantage, both in visitors and customers.

Can you do it yourself?

Of course. You can. The world of SEO is complex. Yet, most people can understand the basics easily. Here, a small amount of knowledge can make a big difference. It’ll require time, commitment and willingness to learn.

If you don’t have the time, you can have an expert to handle this for you. Firms that practice SEO can vary. Some of them have a broader and more general approach. Some others, have a highly specialized focus.

SEO: Hiring Consulting Services For The Company’s Advantage

There is a lot you can obtain with having a search engine optimization marketing campaign. You’ll have the ability to put yourself in google rankings and you’ll be capable of making money when people can find you. It doesn’t matter if what you are selling is definitely the most common product or bundles where you have thousands of competitors on pricing. It is when you’re on the first of the search engine lists that you will get the customers and not simply concerning the pricing of your respective products thus the need to increase website traffic.

seo-imageSeo courses can teach you the basic principles on what you need. You will obtain the training right from different courses as well as classes provided in a standard seo training course. In addition there are advance classes as well as courses which supplies more descriptive training regarding how to get your web site to the top of search engines like google. Part of what you should learn is all about the importance of scrutinizing keywords.

If you are searching to get your web site search engine-optimized, you possibly can go about it two ways. You can either do it yourself or else you can begin outsourcing company that provides for those services and also packages. At the very least, you want a company that provides for techniques that actually work on keywords analysis. The more specific words you’ve related to your website, the better people will find you which yields get more traffic.

Working together with keywords analysis for Seo can go two ways. It would all rely on what methods those consultants you employ for Seo employs. Just like there are actually 2 sides for a coin, you can find services where the most effective practices are used as well as you can obtain a company where the worst practices are widely-used. You could even obtain a mixture of both. In line with using the correct words for search engine optimization, keyword density has to be perfect.

To be aware of this, based on the top consultants, content in your web site should have approximately 3 to 7% for major keywords. Anything more than that, your website will be viewed as suspicious by search engine spiders and you’ll lose with obtaining a good ranking for your web site. You also need to have key words inside your URL. You actually could go for a great position in google rankings along with putting these important words within the title.

The outsourcing providers you receive for Search engine optimization for your site may not be perfect however, you have to make certain that the consultants do more good than bad for you. For example with mistypes for search terms associated with your site, you would not get anywhere within google rankings. If you go over the appropriate density for vital words, you’ll furthermore suffer with increasing your risk for getting your website banned from search engines. Search engine optimization is a very great technique for you to utilize nevertheless, you have to keep within the guidelines to succeed.

The Cost Efficient Techniques To Google Adwords

PPC advertising campaigns just like those offered through Google Adwords can be a very effective, frequent source of potential customers for your services and products. Paradoxically, the mind blowing profits produced for Google from these ads can also be attributed to the lack of education of individuals who put together their very own campaigns.


Many small business owners don’t take full advantage of Google’s online tools for making sure that their search engine adverts only get displayed to those who are possible buyers and that the adverts encourage such individuals to click through. Because of this, they pay a lot more than they must for the direct exposure, get disappointed in regards to the return of investment but yet leave the ads running for lack of tips on how to improve effectiveness.

Don’t let it happen to you! Begin using these stategies to keep your fees way down and your rewards high.

1. Wipe out countries and different languages that do not match what you offer. As an illustration, if you advertise something specifically for the U.S. marketplace, your ads should display only to Google consumers in america and probably only in The english language. Conversely, for those who have a translation service whose consumers can live from any location, define the regions and languages your ad gets displayed to far more extensively.

2. Power up Google’s advert tracking. It costs you nothing and lets you keep an eye on not only your cost-per-click and click-through percentage, but also which keywords and which marketing campaigns best bring on your required result, no matter whether that’s a purchase, an inquiry for your expert services or a subscription for your newsletter. That way, you can eliminate or attempt to maximize things which get a lot of click throughs or simply cost a good deal but don’t secure results.

3. Set up negative keywords. In case your goal is marketing something, why fork out for tire kickers and freebie hunters? By defining “free” as a negative search term, you can prevent a lot of them from clicking on your advertisements.

Equally important, consider alternate and unwanted definitions of your keywords and phrases and create negative keywords to prevent your ads from showing to wildly inappropriate website visitors. As an example, search for “free logo design” into The search engines and you’ll view advertisements for online business branding services as well as businesses that don’t offer these sevices for free. Those companies that don’t supply free of charge services simply need to add ‘free’ as a negative keyword.

4. Get rid of keywords and adverts that are not working. Because Google’s platform rewards an improved click-through rate with higher listing positioning and lower fees, you are paying Google more than needed while you leave badly performing elements running. Periodically do away with your perdant.

5. Send individuals to a landing page which makes perfect sense. Buyers click on search engine advertisements for additional details on whatever was offered in the advert. It appears realistic that they’d go searching from your home page for whatever attracted them within the advert, but that’s wrong. Visitors are impatient. Preferably, transfer them to the specific page for the product or service being marketed.

Whenever you regulate your Google Adwords ads according to these tips, you’ll be forking out less to secure a much more gratifying response.